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"I can't say enough good things about this class!"


"I had been bombing auditions left and right and knew I had to do something! Mike and Beth gave me the tools I needed to feel confident in my auditions. They answered all my questions and Beth even took extra time to help me with a private audition I had coming up. They really go above and beyond and I'm forever thankful for their knowledge and expertise. Take this class and you won't regret it!"

-Jessica Keenan


(Laugh Factory)

"I sincerely appreciate the personal attention."


"Thank you for sharing your expertise and talent... I sincerely appreciate the personal attention and personal touch you give to teaching your craft. I found your instruction, from how to get in the room to working on camera, to be a valuable refresher, and I'm stoked to have picked up a few new tricks."

-Aaron Ross


(Who's The Ross)

"Highly recommend. Big thanks, Beth and Mike!"


"Advice that works from working actors! Beth and Mike share their tried-and-true insights, and get you on your feet to work out that commercial audition muscle. I appreciate their honesty, kindness, expertise, and encouragement as we together navigate the ever-changing commercial acting realm. Also, great price point. Highly recommend. Big thanks, Beth and Mike!"

-Mary Claire Garcia


(Criminal Minds)

"It's like getting the answers to the test."


"It's like getting the answers to the test before you take it. Beth and Mike have such specific, thoughtful, insightful tips and practical advice for actors at any level who want to work in commercials. They are supportive, kind, energetic, enthusiastic and inspiring. I left that class with the tools to take my career to the next level and I can't recommend it strongly enough. I'm looking forward to the next time I get to work with them."

-Tim Wright


(Dropping The Soap)

"Good, practical advice and info for auditions!"


"Some great business (and branding!) advice, which every actor needs. Good, practical advice and info for auditions!"

-Andy Lacerte


(My Crazy Ex)

"Their knowledge... is invaluable."


"Both Mike and Beth are well known to every casting office in town and are total pros - I can always rely on them to not just deliver, but to bring something extra to the table which is what makes them both stand above the crowd.  Their knowledge and understanding of the commercial world is invaluable"

-Karen Ryan

Commercial Casting Director

(Canvas Casting)

"Beth and Mike keep getting hired."


"Beth Fraser and Mike Rylander work. A lot. If you don't recognize their faces, you aren't watching television. I've had the good fortune to cast them both... a lot. The competition for commercial work is fierce and yet Beth and Mike keep getting hired. Lean in. Find out how they do it."

-John McCarthy

Commercial Casting Director

(John McCarthy Casting)

"Beth and Mike are natural teachers!"


"They have a great back and forth and contribute a lot from their vast experience doing commercials. They teach the class in a way that makes it helpful for complete beginners and more experienced actors.

They teach a business class that is worth taking the whole class for in my opinion. They get you to look at yourself in terms of branding and give you an accurate reading of your type and compare that with your headshot and give suggestions. They provide resources like agent lists, where to take workshops, and even offered the opportunity to meet with a casting associate for commercials and ask any questions you might have. They detail the ways to really nail your commercial audition and things you might have never considered: where to look, how to approach personality reads, etc.

Their insight is incredibly valuable and anyone who takes their class will feel much more prepared for their commercial auditions in the future. Thanks Beth and Mike!"

-Sabrina Schloss


(Lady Bird)

"Above all, their class got me motivated."


"Such a positive experience taking class with Mike and Beth!  Mike and Beth are both successful actors, and having the opportunity to tap into their tips and advice for the commercial actor was super helpful.  Their classes are intimate, allowing each student plenty of time to get up and work on copy, slates, and auditioning.  Plus, getting their advice on the business of commercial acting, agents, and casting directors was equally important.  Above all, their class got me motivated, and looking forward to use what I learned in their class on upcoming auditions!"

-Andy Rossi


(Bill Nye Saves The World)

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